The aim of sustainable fashion is to reduce the negative environmental and social impact of the clothing industry. It takes into account everything from the designing, making, selling and purchasing of clothes.


Why is it important?

The fast fashion industry mass produces low-quality, cheap clothing (that doesn’t last). This creates high levels of pollution and uses excessive amounts of resources. Fast fashion workers are often treated and paid poorly too.

Sustainable fashion, unsurprisingly, uses practices that protect our environment and preserves resources. It also prioritises the fair treatment and pay of garment workers. Essentially, the sustainable fashion movement aims to ensure there is a positive future for the fashion and clothing industry.


How to make sustainable fashion choices?

There are lots of different approaches to being more sustainable as a fashion consumer. You can look at how and where your garments are made, what they’re made from and who’s making them. Here’s some tips for making sustainable fashion choices.

 Electric Dreams - Latest Knitwear - Cara & the Sky

Cut out the fast fashion

Unsurprisingly, slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion.

Slow fashion designers make higher quality garments (and less of them). This encourages consumers to buy less and hold on to clothing for longer.

Read more in our guide to slow fashion.


Shop secondhand

Buying (and selling) secondhand fashion is a great way to keep clothing out of landfill. It also encourages the mindset that high quality fashion pieces can be an investment, especially if you could make some money back when you no longer need that item.


Cara & The Sky x Resale Future

We partner with Resale Future to bring you pre-loved pieces from our previous small-run collections.

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Buying from sustainable brands

Purchasing from sustainable fashion brands means you can make a better choice for people and the planet. Look for brands that prioritise worker well-being, pay fair wages to those in the supply chain and use sustainable materials that are responsibly resourced.


How we do sustainability at Cara & The Sky

Sustainability is at the very core of our brand. The collections we produce are in small batch runs. This means that we create unique items that are owned by just a lucky few.

This slow fashion ethos also goes into the design of our knitwear, which is season-less and trendless, but still makes a stylish impact.


Conscious collections

We create one collection a year so that we can offer unique fashion pieces without over-producing or encouraging over-consumption.


Designed and made in the UK

All our pieces are produced in the UK using fully audited factories. This ensures that our manufacturers are paying their workers fairly and ensuring they have safe working environments.

Manufacturing in the UK reduces our air miles and carbon footprint.


Sustainable materials

All of knitwear is vegan friendly. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from sustainable sources and carbon neutral. We use 100% recycled 100% raw cotton material for our labels. Even our printing uses eco-friendly digital toners.

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