Who is Cara & The Sky

My name is Cara and I am the founder and CEO of Cara & The Sky. An enthusiastic, optimistic, over-excitable 5’1 woman trying to make her way in the world.

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years, life opened up a unique set of circumstances that allowed me to venture out on my own and create my own fashion brand!

I’m obsessed with fun colourful knitwear and wanted to give people an opportunity to buy unique boutique style knitwear that was different from the high street and didn’t cost an alarming amount! Backed with all the knowledge and lessons I’d learnt from my past roles as a buyer for a variety of brands I decided to take a huge leap of faith in myself and launch Cara & The Sky!

Am I crazy? Yes. Will this actually work? Who knows!!! But now is the time to go against the odds and give my dream a chance!

Not only do I want to make really cool knitwear, I also want the brand to promote positivity, supporting each other and believing in yourself. The brands underlining ethos asks each and every one of you to Create A Right Attitude and Reach The Sky (C.A.R.A.. get it? 😉) which is how the name Cara & The Sky was born!

I truly believe if you have the right attitude and a positive mindset, there is no end to what you can achieve - the sky’s the limit!!

Life is an adventure. You think you are happily going down one path and all of a sudden the path splits and gives you a new perspective. I don’t know where this new path will lead me, there will be good, there will certainly be bad but with the support of my amazing fiance and incredible family, I am being bold and brave and I am going for it! 🙌🙌✨🌈

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