What is slow fashion and why do we pride ourselves on being a slow fashion brand?

We’ve all heard of fast fashion and it’s a subject that is talked about a lot in the fashion industry, however slow fashion is a term that many of us may not be so familiar with.

Fast fashion was subconsciously created over the last two decades as a result of demand for cheaper, mass produced clothing items, and cheaper alternatives to trend pieces. This demand meant that retailers and manufacturers wanted to be the first to bring the latest styles and pieces to the general market as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible.

This movement resulted in substandard working conditions, badly paid and poorly treated workers, greater testing on animals, and with outsourcing to countries where items cost less, we also saw a rise in environmental factors such as pollution.

The issues raised by fast fashion have become apparent in recent years, with many of us consumers realising the impacts of fast fashion brands and what it represents, and what we’re supporting by buying from these brands.

Luckily, many brands are taking note of these problems and working hard towards not only raising awareness, but creating an alternative and therefore helping to combat the problem altogether. This is where the term slow fashion was born.

Slow fashion is, as the name suggests, is the opposite of fast fashion, and holds true, a very different way of thinking than the fast fashion trend we’ve seen in recent years.

Slow fashion focuses on raising awareness about the fashion industry, and urges us to re-think our approach to resources, quality, environmental impacts and the treatment of employees and animals too.

Reducing our consumption of clothing, slowing down the mass production of fashion items and putting the brakes on the speed in which trends change is the crux of what slow fashion is all about.

By buying higher quality, classic styles and fabrics, which can be used as key pieces of a staple wardrobe for years, and even decades.

Cara & The Sky was created to be a slow fashion brand, designed and manufactured in the UK and with a small number of releases, so as not to perpetuate the need to consume constantly throughout each season. We create one collection a year, so that you can slowly build a sustainable and ethical capsule wardrobe over time.

We create everything in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint and use Sedex approved manufacturers, which means that these manufacturers are sustainable, ethical and protect their workers.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from sustainable sources and are carbon neutral. No animal-derived materials or ingredients are used in our knitwear, our labels are 100% recycled or made from 100% raw cotton, and even our printing is done using eco-friendly digital toners.

It’s clear that the intent of the brand is driven by quality, sustainability, impact and ethics and you can see this within everything we do. The pieces are made with love, and represent a style conscious, ethical and considerate consumer, who is ready to invest in fashion items to last a lifetime in both quality and style.

We’ve waved a big goodbye to fast fashion, and embraced slow fashion with open arms and we can’t wait for you to join us!