Why do we pride ourselves on being a slow fashion brand?


Slow fashion is an approach to designing, making and buying clothing. It prioritises quality over quantity and encourages the ethical production and mindful consumption of garments.

As part of the sustainable fashion movement, it aims to reduce the negative social and environmental impacts associated with the fast fashion industry.


Here are some of the key principles of slow fashion.

  • Mindful consumption: reducing over-production and over-consumption by creating fewer garments, of higher quality, that are designed to last.
  • Ethical production: ensuring fair pay and safe conditions for garment workers.
  • Sustainable fabrics: choosing textiles that have a reduced environmental impact.
  • Reduced waste and pollution: lowering the detrimental impact of textile production and the fashion industry.
  • Transparency and accountability: being transparent about supply chains, how and where clothing is made and the conditions for garment workers producing them.


What’s the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion?

Fast fashion clothing is typically low quality, mass-produced and low-priced. The industry is renowned for substandard working conditions and poor treatment and pay for its workers. It also negatively impacts the environment because of how garments are produced and manufactured – as well as the fact that the vast majority of items end up in landfills.

Fast fashion has been subconsciously created over the last two decades due to the demand for cheaper alternatives to trend pieces. Retailers and manufacturers have engaged in a race to the bottom to bring the latest styles to the market as fast – and as cheaply – as possible.

In contrast, slow fashion promotes a more sustainable and ethical approach to clothing. It encourages consumers to be more conscious of the overall social and environmental impact of their fashion choices.



What is a slow fashion brand?

Slow fashion brands are an emerging alternative to the fast fashion industry. They take a more sustainable approach to resources, quality and environmental impacts of the clothing they’re producing. They also prioritise the fair treatment of workers and employees.

To avoid over-consumption, slow fashion brands offer higher quality garments in timeless styles using better fabrics. These items can be used to build a staple wardrobe that can be styled for years, and even decades to come.


Slow fashion and sustainability at Cara & The Sky

Cara & The Sky was created to be a slow fashion brand. We want you to fall back in love with your clothes and build a unique collection of items that you will enjoy for years to come.

That’s why we only create a small number of releases. Instead of constantly dropping new lines that encourage you to ditch what you’ve already got, we want you to buy fewer (but better). This way, you can build a timeless capsule wardrobe that you can style again and again. You’re also buying something that isn’t mass-produced, so it’s only owned by a lucky few.

Our brand is driven by quality, sustainability, impact and ethics. You can see this in everything we do. Our garments are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our pieces are made with love and represent a style-conscious, ethical and considerate consumer ­– one who's ready to invest in fashion items that last a lifetime in both quality and style.


Reducing over-production and consumption

We create one collection a year, so that you can slowly build a sustainable and ethical capsule wardrobe over time. This means we don’t over-produce and we’re not perpetuating the need to consume constantly throughout each season.


Supporting UK garment workers

All our items are produced in the UK using Sedex-approved factories. This ensures that our manufacturers are sustainable, ethical and protecting their workers.


Lower carbon footprint

We create our pieces in the UK to cut down our air miles and reduce our carbon footprint.


Sustainable materials

All our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from sustainable sources and carbon neutral. Our labels are either 100% recycled or made from 100% raw cotton. Even our printing is done using eco-friendly digital toners.


Vegan friendly

We don’t use animal-derived materials or ingredients in our knitwear.

We’ve waved a big goodbye to fast fashion, and embraced slow fashion with open arms and we can’t wait for you to join us! Shop our sustainable knitwear designs.