Fashion and seasons go hand in hand right? It’s certainly hard to imagine fashion without the change in weather impacting everything from our choice of materials, styles and patterns for our clothing.

Circulating different garments in your wardrobe will always be necessary as the seasons change. But you can achieve a timeless capsule wardrobe that will allow you to style core pieces, no matter what the season.

In this article, I’ll explain what seasonless style is and how you can achieve it.


What is seasonless fashion

Seasonless fashion refers to clothing that’s created without adhering to seasonal cycles — such as spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Seasonless garments are designed to be more versatile and long lasting than most seasonal collection pieces. This means you can wear them no matter what the season, for many years to come.


How is seasonless fashion different to traditional fashion

In the traditional fashion calendar, designers release new collections each season (often months in advance) to align with the upcoming weather changes. This may feel like a logical approach to selling clothes. But with today’s appetite for fast fashion, it means we’re being encouraged to buy more and more clothes each time a new collection has been released — depending on the fashion brand, this can be multiple times a year, and even multiple times a season.

Seasonless fashion challenges this approach by creating versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn and loved year-round. The goal is for you to have more flexibility with the core pieces in your wardrobe and reduce the need for frequent purchases to keep up with changing trends.

The seasonless fashion approach also aligns with sustainable fashion principles. This is because the idea is to produce and consume less, ending up with a timeless collection of clothing that can be styled again and again.


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How to achieve timeless and seasonless style

Building a seasonless wardrobe can (and should) take time and thought. It involves making conscious choices about what you buy, and how this will work with other key pieces in your collection. Here are some tips to help get you started on your seasonless fashion journey.


See beyond the latest trend

Of course, trendless fashion doesn’t mean that you can’t be trendy. The idea is to invest in something that will have more longevity and won’t go out of style as quickly as it came in.

Not only does this mean you can wear the pieces in your wardrobe more, but it also means you can own and spend less by owning timeless pieces that can be styled across seasons.


Choose a colour palette that offers you the most versatility

There’s plenty of style advice out there that will tell you to choose a neutral colour palette for ultimate versatility. Of course, that only works if you enjoy wearing neutral tones. If you do, then great! Neutral colours can work well in all seasons.

However, if neutral isn’t your thing, you could pick a base colour and an accent colour to build your wardrobe around instead. What’s crucial is to ensure that you’re choosing items that you love to wear and can use to create outfits that really show off your personal style.


Embrace the layered look

Choosing clothing items that you can layer multiple ways is a great approach to take when building your seasonless wardrobe. This means you can get the most out of each garment and transition your outfits across the seasons.

Read my guide on how to layer jumpers for more inspiration on maximising the wear of your favourite pieces of knitwear.


Invest in quality

Nailing seasonless style means choosing the opposite to fast fashion. You should invest in high-quality clothing that you know is built to last. The better something is made, the more you can wear and love it (and the less you’ll have to replace it).


Add even more versatility with accessories

There’s a lot to be said for how accessories can help transform an outfit. While the accessories you have — like shoes, boots, hats and scarves — may be more season specific than other items in your wardrobe, this doesn’t mean they can’t be versatile and timeless.

Choose your accessories as carefully as you choose the rest of your wardrobe. Many of these items are needed for warmth and comfort during the coldest months, but they can be great accessories during the transitional periods between seasons too.


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How we do seasonless fashion here at Cara & the sky

Cara & The Sky is a slow fashion brand that embraces sustainability and seasonless fashion. We do a small run of releases of our knitwear each year, instead of countless collections that encourage you to overconsume.

We want you to be able to love your knitted items for many years to come, which is why we design them to be seasonless and trendless (but with plenty of stylish impact).

We don’t do mass production. Our products are designed and created in small batches here in the UK. This means that your knitwear will be stylish, unique and owned by just a lucky few!