Knitwear doesn’t have to be reserved for the coldest months of the year. Nailing the layered look means you can rock your favourite knitted piece for at least three seasons out of the four. In this guide, I’ll cover top tips for how to layer your jumpers and achieve that seasonless style.


Pairing jumpers with dresses & skirts

We all know how to rock a cosy jumper, jeans and chunky boots combo — especially in the depths of winter. But pairing your favourite knitted jumper with skirts and dresses can add a whole other dimension to your look.

Knitted jumper layer - Cara & The Sky


Relaxed glam

Try layering your jumper over a mini skirt or minidress and add in knee high boots. This is a great way to add a cosy and relaxed feel to a dressier outfit.


Combat the bulk

Pilling on the layers can sometimes add a lot of bulk to your look. You can counteract this by layering your jumper over a flowing maxi dress or skirt.

This works particularly well for that transitional time between seasons when you’re not quite ready to fully switch up your wardrobe. Adding a waist belt and a French tuck can make the whole look more polished and feminine.


Boho vibes

A folky or bohemian look works perfectly with layers. If you just want to add a boho twist to your outfit, try a more form-fitting jumper with a handkerchief-hemmed skirt. You could also try layering a knitted vest over a tiered maxi dress.


Layer knitwear with more knitwear

Forget double denim, it’s all about the double knits! There are so many ways you can work this look. You can mix colours, patterns and knit types together to create a bespoke outfit.

Stripes paired with a pop of colour is a failsafe combo. Or choosing an accent colour from the pattern in one of your layers and picking it up with your other knits is also a great choice.


Which knits to wear together

You can be creative when it comes to layering up your knitwear. Choosing different weights and silhouettes to combine is the best way to keep your outfit from getting too bulky. For example, choose a lightweight crewneck or rollneck and wear it under a chunky knit cardigan. A rollneck also works well under a longline knitted cardigan.


Maxi cardigans

Speaking of longline cardigans, these are a fantastic option for effortless layering. You can throw them over an everyday outfit to give it a chic upgrade.

Create a cosy-casual look by pairing a maxi cardigan with a jumpsuit or dungarees.


Pop the collar

Wearing a knitted layer over a shirt or blouse is a classic look. Pair a rounded collar with a fitted cardigan or sweater to create a preppy aesthetic. For something more relaxed, wear a patterned shirt underneath a crewneck knit.

If you want to look more polished, layer a V-neck jumper or vest over an oversized white shirt to elevate your look.


Co-ord set

A co-ord set like a knitted skirt and cardigan combo may not seem like the obvious choice when it comes to layering your knitwear. But think of it as vertical layering.

Depending on the season, you can add in other wardrobe elements like a roll neck long sleeve top or a plain t-shirt or vest to create an even more versatile outfit.


The ultimate transitional style

Layering up your jumpers and knitwear is not only a great way to be creative with your personal style, it also allows you to build a capsule wardrobe that you can enjoy all year round.

Don’t neglect your favourite knits once the seasons begin to change, you can layer them with almost any other clothing item (including other knitwear) for all-season style.